It’s that time again stats heads. Here’s the current list of interesting and need to know stats related to mobile marketing:

  1. By the end of 2012, more than 6 billion mobile handsets will be in use (Wireless Intelligence).
  2. U.S. Smartphone penetration currently sits at 49.7%. That’s a 38% increase from 2011 (Nielsen).
  3. There are currently 5.6 billion global “dumbphone” users, compared to 835 million smartphone users (Business Insider).
  4. 48% of smartphones are an Android device, versus 32% iOS and 12% RIM. 48% of acquired in last 3 months smartphones have been Android, versus 43% iOS and 5% RIM (Nielsen).
  5. Android devices will lead the smartphone market by 2016, outpacing the iOS operating system (International Data Corporation).
  6. 73% of developer new project starts are on iOS vs. 27% on Android (Business Insider).
  7. 2011 connected device shipments (tablets, smartphones, PCS) totaled 916 million. 1.1 billion are projected for 2012, with an annual growth rate of 15.4% through 2016 (International Data Corporation).
  8. Half of all U.S. households (55 million households) have at least one Apple product. 5 million of those households without an Apple product will add one in 2012 (CNBC).
  9. The average household contains 1.6 Apple devices (CNBC).
  10. The SMS text messaging market is expected to grow from $150 billion in 2009 to $233 billion by the end of 2014 (Portio Research).
  11. Today, 86% of consumers skip television ads and 44% of direct mail is never opened (The Guardian).
  12. People spend 23% of their time on a mobile device. 1% of ad spend is on mobile (Business Insider).

What are your thoughts on these stats? Have you found any others? Please share your insight to the comments.

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3 Responses to 12 Need To Know Mobile Marketing Stats For Q2 2012

  1. KaneRussell says:

    Interesting insight regarding differences between Pew, Nielsen and Comscore:

  2. KaneRussell says:

    Found four more stats that give even more perspective for Q2 mobile marketers: 

    13. “So much energy has been exerted in activating the retail channel with apps, mobile Web and scan codes around products, yet the simple, direct text remains the preferred mode of exchange with a brand.” MediaPost Publications One-Handed Shopping: Mobile Users Texting The Brands

    14. “How much is a tweet worth? About 1/10,000 as much as a Yelp review” VentureBeat

    15. “In 2012, just under half of all mobile users in the US will own a smartphone, growing to 55.5% in 2013.” Smartphones Continue to Gain Share as US Mobile Usage Plateaus – eMarketer 

    16. “Mobile app downloads to reach more than 66 billion per year by 2016:” study – Research – Mobile Marketer

  3. KaneRussell says:

    Let’s make it an even 17: 

    17. Tablet sales to reach 119M units in 2012, 369M in 2016 | VentureBeat

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