Update on an exciting new campaign posted on Canadian rock band Nickelback’s Facebook page. It’s a viral sweepstakes, which allows for the rapid, user-driven spread of a campaign call to action.

For a mobile viral sweepstakes, a person enters by texting a keyword to a short code. For the Nickelback campaign, this call to action is “Text NICKELBACK to 67463.” It’s a strong keyword/shortcode combo given the relevance of the keyword to the promoting band and end content desired.

Once entered, the person immediately receives a personal code that he or she can promote to his or her friends. For each new friend that texts the code, the original person’s chances of winning the sweepstakes increases. At the same time, each friend gets his or her own code to share with more friends, instantly and effectively driving the viral dissemination of the campaign.

From an analytics perspective, the brand knows exactly who was referred to the campaign by whom, as well as who was an organic entrant and from where (find out everything you need to know about viral sweepstakes here).

One of the most interesting aspects about the campaign is that the call to action was promoted entirely through Facebook. We tracked Facebook activity for the Nickelback campaign, curious to see the social/mobile intersection. Within two hours 450 people had liked the post with 40 individuals posting comments about their excitement for the show. The pros of advertising entirely through Facebook is that you target that audience with specific, compelling content. On the downside, perhaps not as many people will see the call to action given that you have to like the page and be signed in.

A huge strong point of the campaign is the awesome incentive provided, which includes 2 Round Trip plane and VIP concert tickets. For more information about the campaign head on over to the Nickelback Facebook page and website.

And for any folks looking for tickets to check out the concert in NYC on April 19th, we definitely recommend you enter by texting, again, NICKELBACK to 67463. It’s going to be an awesome show (what’s your favorite Nickelback jam?)!

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