Came across another awesome campaign from leading enterprise mobile marketer PETA recently. PETA continues to demonstrate effective mobile marketing with its innovative and personalized approach to customer engagement

With the new year, PETA wanted to mobilize those people looking to deliver on a New Year’s resolution of healthier eating. The call to action was simple: by texting VEGGIE to 73822 (or 99099 in Canada), people could try being vegan for 14 days. Each day for two weeks, subscribers to the campaign would receive an entire slate of delicious vegan recipes.

There are several reasons (we’ve outlined before) why this call to action demonstrates effective mobile marketing. For one, the incentive is clear. Second, participation is easy. Third, PETA communicates compliance information effectively. Finally, it’s an ideal type of campaign for a mobile audience, as people can reference their recipes at any time from anywhere. Plus, the campaign aligns perfectly with PETA’s mission. There are your four ingredients and secret sauce.

Best of all, with respect to mobile marketing best practices, PETA seamlessly drove referral participants within the flow of the campaign. Knowing that “going vegan” is a group activity, given the social nature of meals, PETA invited participants to refer friends to the program. Within the first weeks of the campaign, referral opt-in rate eclipsed 25% – a huge success rate demonstrative of the compelling messaging used by PETA’s team.

So, go ahead, try out the campaign for yourself. Any questions, please let us know by posting to the comments.

You can also see the example call to action below.

73822 Campaign Spotlight - PETA’s Mobile Menu Demonstrates How To Drive Referrals

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