The recent Econsultantcy/Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2014 Digital Trends provides empirical survey data underlining what we at Waterfall know and live—that the future of marketing is mobile, with segmentation/personalization mission critical to the content delivered via targeted mobile marketing to specific customer groups or individual consumers. The recently published report draws on a global survey of more than 2,500 marketing and Internet professionals carried out at the end of 2013. The high level findings concluded that:

  • Customer experience, mobile and content marketing are the major imperatives
  • Personalization, social, data and cross-channel campaign management are the most critical needs and focus
  • Increased importance is being attached to understanding customer behavior on mobile devices
  • Companies are prioritizing the use of data from different channels to optimize overall customer experience

While the evolution toward a unified approach to digital marketing is a key characteristic and goal of best-of-breed brands and companies, only 23% of the respondents believe they have the marketing technology they need to succeed. This is both good and bad news. The bad news is one would hope that marketers would be further down the road in responding to what today’s consumers are already doing with their digital devices. The good news is this gap represents an amazing opportunity for “on the ball” brands and organizations to gain a competitive advantage. They just need to get the right technology solutions up and running to address the new marketing paradigm of targeted mobile marketing.

These findings also point to the fact that the mobile evolution will not be achieved simply with technology. Key expertise and resources – both external and internal – need to be invested and deployed to address these pressing needs and opportunities.

Adobe Survey Findings On Targeted Mobile Marketing

Overall, the report repeated over and over two imperatives: (1) the need to engage customers via targeted mobile marketing, and (2) that this engagement must be personal in nature.

Across company and agency respondents, the #1 most exciting opportunity in 2014 is “mobile,” chosen by 1 in 5 respondents, followed by “customer experience,” “content marketing,” “multichannel campaign management” and “personalization.” Mobile cuts across all customer experiences, tying them together. It has the ability to fuse the digital and physical world, and connects the dots of the retail customer experience.

In comparing B2C vs. B2B, again the #1 single most exciting opportunity for the respondent organizations in B2C marketing is “mobile” (22%). The #1 opportunity for B2B is “content marketing” (24%), with “customer experience” second (15%) and “mobile” third (10%).

For B2C, the top priority digital-related area for 2014 is “ targeting and personalization,” with 1 in 3 respondents indicating that relevance of customer messaging was their primary focus, closely followed by “conversion rate optimization,” “social media engagement” and “mobile optimization.”

Of particular interest was when the marketers had to look in the mirror regarding this sea change. When asked if they had the marketing technology they need to succeed, a whopping 44% said “no.” An additional 33% said they were “neutral,” which in reality probably adds even more to the “no” column. Only 23% confirmed a “yes”. This underlines the critical disconnect between how today’s customer wants to communicate and engage with brands, and brands’ inability to speak the same language. It’s as if the proverbial tin cans connected with string are missing a can at one end (listening with string in your ear is not a good look).

A Quick Pitch

So, what to do, what to do…..ah yes (here it comes)! Give us a call. If you, like most marketers and agencies, know that mobile must be addressed and in a big way, Waterfall is here to help you with the two big elephants in the room–targeted mobile marketing and personalization. We have the technology to master mobile messaging in all flavors, including SMS, MMS, push, IVR –even social messaging delivery.

Why mobile messaging you ask? Because it’s the glue of not only mobile engagement, but customer engagement across all digital and traditional channels. Overall, it’s important to understand that technology is useless without the expertise to help build and measure the success of mobile initiatives against specific business and marketing objectives.

That’s where our team comes in. We have seasoned professionals that can guide you from strategy to execution and continue to monitor mobile initiatives across the customer lifecycle.

Executing Targeted Mobile Marketing

OK, pitch over. The point here is that marketers and agencies have clearly voiced their needs and perceived opportunities in the marketplace. There are companies who are there to help, just give them a call and they’ll be happy to show you how easy (and affordable) mobile-enabled personalized engagement can be.

Any other questions? Please let us know by posting to the comments.

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