Integrating communication channels like voice, Facebook and mobile poses a slightly intimidating challenge for marketers looking to develop an effective cross-channel marketing strategy. For one, brands have to use the proper voice, as each channel’s audience expects a tone appropriate for that particular digital environment. Two, brands have to communicate one message across multiple channels, where they run the risk of double contacting.

That’s what made leading fashion retailer Ashley Stewart’s recent digital Mom-spiration campaign so compelling. Using an intriguing cross-channel pitch, Ashley Stewart demonstrated how to catapult a loyal customer following across SMS and Facebook.

Ashley Stewart’s Mom-spiration campaign celebrates Mother’s Day by giving customers the opportunity to submit mother-daughter photos and memories for a chance to win an exclusive mother-daughter shopping trip. Here’s the announcement on the company’s Facebook page:

Campaign Spotlight- Ashley Stewart Harnesses Mobile To Boost Facebook Likes-Facebook Ad

From an incentives standpoint, Mom-spiration excels. The substance and impetus for customer participation aligns perfectly with the campaign message and meaning. This alignment makes the campaign less about a sweepstakes and more about celebrating the relationship mothers have with their daughters, and, furthermore, Ashley Stewart has with its customers.

Ashley Stewart promoted the Mom-spiration Facebook contest first across Twitter and email. To further boost participation, subscribers to Ashley Stewart’s SMS list received an update informing them about the campaign. The below graph shows the activity on Ashley Stewart’s Facebook page before and after delivery of the SMS alert:


See that large blue spike? That represents the exact time customers received the SMS update, a 600% increase in campaign participants and a perfect example of how to convert mobile subscribers into social ones.

Ashley Stewart plans to continue monetizing the campaign through various forms of digital outreach, including voice, text, email and social. Check out the contest online for more details and updates.

Seen any other best practices for mother’s day marketing? Please let us know by posting to the comments. Lastly, and of course, Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s out there!

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