New campaign spotted today that I think does an excellent job of blending multiple digital communication channels in order to create an optimal user experience. Plus, it supports an important cause, equating to a marketing home run.

The campaign promotes a product called Straight Talk Wireless, which is available at Walmart. The product tagline, succinctly “same phones, same service, half the cost,” describes the product’s value proposition.

But what’s a good product without people lining up for a demo? Enter and the core idea behind the One Minute One Million Campaign. Visitors of the website see a prompt to enter in their location to find nearby Walmarts where they can see a one minute demo of Straight Talk Wireless. In exchange for seeing the demo? A donation to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Each consumer that sees an in-person demo results in a $1 contribution to Make-A-Wish. $0.10 for each online demo. Participants can also donate directly to the Make-A-Wish foundation on the website.

This isn’t the campaign’s only cross-channel tactic, and I think it’s along these lines that One Minute One Million demonstrates 2012 marketing at its best. The cross-channel components of the One Minute One Million website include:

  • Make-A-Wish stories told in pictures and video, which demonstrates to people the value of participating
  • Online location-based lookups, where people enter a location and see nearby stores
  • SMS text reminders for appointments and events
  • Email sign-up to stay informed and updated
  • Social sharing buttons to disseminate the campaign message across the web

Etc. etc. etc. All of these cross-channel pieces help create a campaign that accesses consumers across multiple touchpoints, demonstrates triple bottom line value and ensures an optimal user experience.

At the end of the day, Straight Talk wants to raise up to one million dollars. I hope they get there. Again, check out the site @ You can also have a look at some select campaign screenshots below.

Main call to action with location-based lookup:

SMS reminders for events:

Email confirmation with social sharing options:

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