Very cool mobile campaign to highlight today: Leading digital marketer TakePart launched an SMS initiative for The Story of Pines, a 16-minute short film by singer-songwriter Alison Sudol. In the 16-minute short, a tree, “Pine,” learns that her forest has been laid to waste. She then meets a bird, “Bird,” and the two embark on an adventure in search of “Then”—a new forest home.

Naturally, TakePart has taken this theme into action and created a tree planting campaign. For the first 10,000 people to text PINES to 77177 (through October 16), TakePart and the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree.

Compelling CTA, relevant messaging, easy to participate, nice use of SMS – the list of why this campaign works goes on and on. Hats off to TakePart on demonstrating multiple mobile best practices.

For those interested in this important cause, we encourage you to watch the short film. For those mobile marketers looking for an example of an effective CTA, take a look at how TakePart promoted the call to action. You can also read about the campaign on the TakePart blog.

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