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Hype or Not-So-Hype?

Are you considering implementing chatbot technology for your business? In a recently penned byline to Marketing Land, Waterfall’s Matt Silk answers the question: are chatbots the real deal or yet another victim of hyped technology?

Using Starbuck’s virtual barista as an example, Matt evaluates whether or not chatbots will help your business by understanding the difference between potential and intrinsic value just like with any new technology.

Spoiler alert: it’s too early to tell.

As an alternative, Matt suggests layering simple SMS customer service and building a use case around each of your channels. You can read the full piece on MarketingLand here: https://martechtoday.com/chat-bots-hype-real-deal-195105

Do you think chatbots are all hype, or believe they hold value in the current marketplace?

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