Industry data and vendor surveys are certainly not something new. In fact, we are inundated with facts and figures on a daily basis and most of us are left wondering what it all means. Specifically in our industry, most research centers around how and when brands engage with consumers via mobile devices. But for most marketers the challenge is on the basics of mobile marketing like how to measure effectiveness – less about what message you are delivering or when.

At Waterfall, we decided our best source of information on the mobile marketing industry is our customers. We work with some of the smartest, mobile marketing savvy people in the industry who use technology and test messages and forms of communication every single day. So, what did they say?

It was interesting for us, as there seems to be a significant disconnect in the industry perception of how brands are using mobile to push campaigns. For example, our survey found that most marketers measure mobile campaign success by lead conversion rates but call out brand awareness as their number one mobile marketing priority.


However, when asked about mobile marketing priorities, marketers are very clear — driving mobile purchases is not the most important (30 percent), whereas building brand awareness and increasing customer retention are very/most important (70 percent and 68 percent respectively). Interestingly, respondents were divided about the importance of mobile to drive in-store traffic/sales – 28 percent cited it as not important, while 24 percent thought it was one of the most important mobile marketing priorities.


Feel free to reach out to me for the complete survey data from our press release and check out a few more stats below.

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