We all know that mobile usage differs substantially from generation to generation. My mother definitely does not use her phone the same way that I do – although, she just learned about emojis and I have to say, her emoji game is surprisingly strong.

A mobile research agency, RealityMine, examined the difference in mobile usage among generations by collecting data from over 3,000 mobile phone users and compiled the results into an infographic, published on Adweek (below). The research shows the difference of mobile usage across generations. It’s no surprise that texting is more popular than calling across all generations, with millennial females using texting 3x more than talking on the phone. According to the infographic, texting accounted for 33% of millennials’ mobile usage with SMS comprising 85% of total mobile messaging.

[Tweet “Texting accounts for 33% of millennials’ mobile usage and SMS makes up 85% of all mobile messaging.”]

This data is food for thought for marketers wondering whether they should implement mobile messaging into their marketing strategy – I’d have to say the answer is a big “yes”. Learn more about mobile messaging with Waterfall by checking out a quick demo.

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