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This whitepaper couldn’t be more timely. “Digital” everything permeates our daily discussion. The smartphone has quickly become a ubiquitous part of American life. “Mass” media has become fragmented and no longer provides the results it once did. Television cost per points are rising faster than concepts are growing sales. This means you are less media efficient this year than you were last year. The old marketing model does not work today. Restaurant companies need to rethink how they market their business. They don’t need a digital strategy. Instead, they must have a strategy in a digital world.

All restaurants should be thinking about how to make the customer experience journey easier and better. This is what I did as a restaurant CMO and what I continue to do today: Build the marketing technology infrastructure that gives marketers the levers to pull to drive the business. This paper is a great primer on how to do it, and which partners can help make it happen. Spend 20 minutes reading this whitepaper and I know you will be referencing it the rest of the year.

Download the whitepaper here: http://www.qsrweb.com/whitepapers/mobile-marketing-for-restaurants-101/

In this report brought to you by Olo, we discuss the benefits of mobile marketing, such as being able to more effectively target smartphone-centric customers; leverage CRM and data analytics technology to provide location-based personalized offers; and generate increased loyalty through mobile rewards that can be redeemed at the point of sale. It also profiles key mobile marketing and payment platform providers and includes case studies of successful restaurant mobile marketing implementations.

Rob Crews is a data-driven CMO with a background in chain restaurant companies. He currently connects restaurant companies and the technology firms they need to effectively market today.

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