All right – starting off the week with something new here: below is a wrap up of the most recently released mobile marketing stats, presented as a rap (well, at least an attempt at one).

  1. Let’s start with the smartphone penetration dent; Nielsen says March 2012 puts the U.S. above 50 percent.
  2. So what’s that mean for the OS mix? Well, Android is at 49, iOS at 32 and RIM’s measures 11.6.
  3. As for the ethnicity contrast/compare, APAC is at 67, Hispanics 57, Blacks 54 and whites a 45% share.
  4. So guess who’s tops when it comes to browser and apps combined – it’s Google Sites, with Facebook and Yahoo next in line.
  5. Focusing specifically on apps with gaming and social ends, you’re probably not surprised to see Facebook and Zynga’s Words with Friends.
  6. Pew Internet has an opinion too: Real-Time Information Seekers And Problem Solvers – that’s me and you.
  7. Specifically, 50% of us coordinate real-time gatherings with our cell, followed by 47% who refuse to let problems gel
  8. Finally, for establishing a connection with SMB’s, choose mobile since 91% of those-sized businesses will agree.

Here’s hoping that your reaction looks something like this. Let us know what other stats you have come across (wrapping mandatory, but rapping not) by posting to the comments.

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