Does mobile wallet have a branding problem?

Waterfall’s head of strategy, Matt Silk, has some thoughts on what went wrong with the mobile wallet brand and what marketers, vendors, and consumers can do to fix it. The mobile marketing industry today is heavily weighted towards SMS/MMS and app push, but wallet, beacon and chat solutions are gaining momentum. Some of the most exciting new opportunities for mobile marketers, with an immediate positive ROI, can be found in mobile wallet solutions.

How can we overcome these challenges? A good place to start would be an open discussion between mobile marketing wallet providers and marketers. Thought leaders in the mobile space must come together to specifically define what a marketing mobile wallet is, and then rebrand or reposition their messaging to reflect that.

You can read more of Matt’s thoughts on the topic in his recently penned bylined to AdAge.

What do you think it will take to make mobile wallet mainstream?

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