eMarketer recently posted results from a Multichannel Merchant survey titled “Outlook 2010: E-Commerce.”  The study found that two-thirds of multichannel retailers are redesigning websites to update the site’s interfaces and to improve search engine optimization.

Retailers are also eager to add social media tools, videos, recommendations and forums – but they are not looking towards mobile.

After all of the statistical evidence lined up behind the effectiveness of mobile marketing, one question comes to mind. Why not?

Of the options available to marketers, adding mobile is one of the cheapest and easiest channels to activate in an overall marketing campaign.  Of course retailers should be updating their websites and getting active in social media, because upgrading the entire marketing mix is a prudent move. But forgetting mobile is a critical error.

Four out of Five US multichannel retailers said they were not using any mobile commerce, with only 6.5% saying they have a mobile site.

Heads up, retailers – companies are having successes in mobile, either by utilizing coupons or driving customers into stores on their “down days” with text deals.  So what exactly are you waiting for?

Trendy retailer, Planet Funk turned to mobile coupons and experienced 377% ROITarget is now scanning barcodes from customer’s phones at check out.  Best Buy is getting more aggressive about SMS campaigns and mobile applications, as well as, refreshing its mobile website.

Forrester recently released their “US Interactive Marketing Forecast” for 2009-2014 and predicted over the next several years mobile marketing will grow by 27 percent.   The analyst attributed the continued mobile growth to the increase in mobile data usage, continued development of mobile applications and mobile maturing as a marketing medium.

The report didn’t even account for the recent surge in mobile internet usage. According to a Quantcast Mobile Trends Report mobile web usage grew 110 percent in the U.S. last year and 148 percent worldwide.

Mobile provides a hugely effective way to engage with consumers and drive sales.  Not having a mobile plan essentially amounts to retailers leaving money on the table and getting left behind.


You can read eMarketer’s full post here.

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