It’s been raining the last few days in San Francisco. And it looks like the rain is going to continue through the weekend. Fortunately, I have the perfect solution for any folks with rainy day blues: another edition of the Art of the CTA Buzz Awards.

For those new readers, the Art of the CTA (stands for “call to action”) captures mobile and social media marketing calls to action from all over the world. It’s a resource that marketers and people interested in mobile marketing can use to generate ideas or learn from best practices.

Some of my personal favorites from November:

  1. Mobile marketing provides an excellent way for relaxed bar patrons to chase away any unwanted suitors. Plus it supports a great cause.
  2. Haven’t seen too many mobile recruiting solutions better than this one. Love this use case and would be fascinated to see the success numbers.
  3. Say I told you about a scan-to-send-a-letter-to-a-veteran QR code? Would you have guessed that it appeared on a ketchup bottle?

I also really liked the way that Jameson stacked its mobile points of entry. Website, scanning a 2D code, texting a short code – consumers can make their own choice depending on their preferences. Would love to see data around which method of entry produced the highest engagement rates (for studies we’ve done here at WMHQ, SMS usually wins out).

As always, stay tuned to in December for more mobile campaign CTAs. We’ve already got entries from companies like Taco Bell, AAA and Big Gulp in the queue, ready for our analysis. Have you seen any campaigns you want buzzed about? Please share them with us.

Well, that’s the mobile CTA buzz for now. Until next month (and year!) – enjoy the holidays.

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