Passbook – What is it? How does it work? Can you launch location-triggered push notifications? What’s the best way to integrate Passbook into a mobile marketing strategy? What are some best practices for launching a Passbook marketing campaign today?

Find the answer to all these questions (and more) in the latest webinar from Waterfall Mobile: Mobile Marketing With iOS Passbook. The 30-minute presentation covers:

  • What is Passbook
  • Passbook’s fit within mobile marketing
  • The future of Passbook
  • How companies use Passbook today
  • Passbook @ Waterfall Mobile
  • Key Takeaways for integrating Passbook into an effective mobile marketing strategy

Like every webinar in the Getting It Right In Mobile series, Mobile Marketing With iOS Passbook covers case studies, best practices and actionable next steps to help your business reach the next level.

View the presentation below, on our webinar archive or download the presentation slides directly. Any questions, please post to the comments.

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