Experience, loyalty, satisfaction, engagement. No matter the goal, businesses have to create compelling experiences that transform one-time customers into repeatable business. Wherever the first line of communication takes place, be it via phone or SMS, marketers must use these channels to create personalization and engagement in order to drive ongoing interaction with their customer base.

This Waterfall webinar team-up, presented with Angel Marketing VP Don Keane, analyzes how to make mobile interaction more compelling, including:

  • Personalizing the phone and SMS experience using real-time data from a CRM or database
  • Integrating preference management into the end customer experience
  • Continuing customer conversations across multiple channels, including phone and SMS
  • Key metrics that identify how customers engage with a brand

As with every webinar from Waterfall’s Getting It Right In Mobile series, this webinar examines best practices, analyzes relevant case studies and provides actionable next steps to catapult a mobile marketing strategy to the next level.

View the presentation below, on on our webinar archive or download the presentation slides directly. Any questions, please hit us up by posting to the comments.

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