Yesterday, we were happy to announce a mobile industry first: self-service MMS for use by enterprise mobile enthusiasts everywhere. Marketers can now send pictures, audio and video directly to their customers’ mobile inbox, which comes with a 90+% open rate and near-instant response time. 

Those following Waterfall since the beginning know that “ease-of-use” brings us an immense amount of pride. Since our company’s inception, we have set out (and believe we have succeeded) in bringing a solution to market for users of all technical abilities.

With MMS in particular, “ease-of-use” carries some weight. On one hand, we had to make the marketer experience seamless. For example, we made sure that the process of adding content from a computer or smartphone eliminated any risk of users selecting the wrong file type. On the other, we had to make sure the customer experience had zero hurdles. With so many disparate device types and a myriad of wireless carriers, MMS requires a deep understanding of the greater mobile marketing industry. Fortunately, we’ve been around the mobile block enough times to know our way around.

With this latest iteration of MMS, we believe we’ve perfected the experience of delivering multimedia content to customers. In addition to the self-service user interface, marketers also have the benefit of comparatively high throughput, device detection, API integration, A/B split tests and everything else you might expect from an enterprise marketing solution.

Below is a screenshot showing how you can add an image while also personalizing the message with first name and email address. But don’t take the image’s word for it, please reach out to see a demo. You can also experience MMS for yourself by texting the keyword WFWF TUDOR to the short code 10958 (Commercial MMS campaigns run with standard one word keywords of course, no prefix; you need the WFWF prefix – with a space in a middle – in this case as this is a test short code).


Cool right? Any questions, feel free to post to the comments.

You can also read full details about Waterfall’s self-service MMS solution in the press release.

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