The competitive landscape for Email Service Providers (ESPs) has undergone significant change. Sure – marketers more than ever understand the need to invest with an ESP, as tools to boost email communication, targeting and tracking have become essential. However, with 90%+ of the U.S. owning cell phones and 90%+ of cell phone owners keeping their mobile within arms’ reach 24/7, the digital world has shifted off of people’s desktops and into their pockets. Moreover, email’s non-optimal open and time-to-open rates make it ineffective for two-way and time sensitive communication – both hallmark qualities of mobile communication.

That’s what makes integrating SMS mobile messaging so powerful for ESPs. SMS complements email elegantly, providing a direct, interactive and immediate pipeline to consumers. Plus, SMS and email strategy are similar, given the importance of developing a subscriber list mapped to various segmentation data.

At first glance, however, integration of SMS and email can appear overwhelming. That’s exactly where this eBook comes in. By walking through the integration process step-by-step, readers will gain an understanding of how to create a preparatory road map that will lead to a successful product roll out.

Download the entire SMS for Email Service Providers eBook here, along with the rest of the Quick6 series.

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