In today’s world, SMS (short message service) needs no introduction. “Text messages,” “messaging,” “texting,” (even “sexting”) are synonymous with modern communication. With consumers going more and more mobile, sending an instantaneous and cross-carrier message is an essential aspect of everyday life. For brands, SMS serves as the backbone of a cohesive mobile marketing strategy.

Given SMS’s ubiquity, direct marketers are seizing an opportunity. Using SMS, brands can engage consumers with practically an infinite type of text and cross-channel media. SMS provides a vast set of benefits applicable for all industries, including low cost messaging, high ROI, instant feedback and a vast set of trackable analytics.

Capturing these benefits, however, comes down to one thing (just like anything in marketing): execution. Waterfall’s SMS Marketing eBook, from the Quick6 eBook Series, explains this execution in detail and how marketers can build a road map that leads toward success.

Download the entire SMS Marketing eBook here.

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