The excitement around the Waterfall and mCordis partnership is pretty special, and this comes from someone who might be described as “old timber” in the mobile marketing industry. I’m very excited to be working at Waterfall; there’s an enthusiasm and dynamism here much like my first days at the company I co-founded, iLoop Mobile, with Michael Becker back in 2004. So now we’ve come full circle, as my personal and professional relationship with Michael Becker at mCordis goes back to the dawn of mobile marketing in North America, when we were a company of two guys and laptops in a “ready suite” in SOMA, San Francisco. Those were heady and exciting days, when the idea of engaging with consumers or delivering content via a cell phone was the realm of Star Trek communicators. The word we used for many years as we introduced and educated companies to a new customer engagement channel was “evangelism.” I feel Waterfall’s partnership with mCordis has that same passion, yet in a different, more focused and real way as the industry has matured.

Back in the early days of mobile, we had to approach mobile marketing the same way Vince Lombardi, the legendary football coach, would start every training camp: with a locker room speech that began “Gentlemen, this is a football.” Only for us, it was in boardrooms with the words “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a short code.” How times have changed. Evangelism today is no longer techno-centric; it’s now the excitement around helping companies understand how incredibly effective mobile messaging can be in driving mission critical marketing and business operations objectives—when done with correct strategies and tactics. And when I talk about objectives, I mean objectives that directly affect customer engagement, loyalty and bottom line revenue, in ways never seen before. The data on customer behavior and preferences that can be captured by mobile, when integrated with CRM data from other channels, is even more powerful. Mobile can provide value to both marketers and consumers in a win/win relationship that is nothing short of magic. When done well, there can be altruism to consumer communications that is the new paradigm in marketing. To be blunt, any marketer, publisher, or company that does not understand how essential mobile messaging is to customer communications is losing the plot.  But understanding how to harness the power of mobile devices, in a way that enhances your ability to create that win/win relationship with your target customers/audience, is the million-dollar question. Certainly the tried and true concepts of marketing apply to mobile, yet the channel presents unique challenges and opportunities that require core competence and expertise. That’s where a partnership like Waterfall and mCordis comes in.

Without listing the details of their resumes (which would take another 2,000 words, check them out here here), Michael Becker and Paul Berney at mCordis represent the highest degree of experience and expertise in mobile marketing, worldwide. Before founding mCordis, they were respectively the managing directors for the Mobile Marketing Association North America and EMEA. This means that they worked with, and learned from, the perspective of EVERY industry sector—brands, technology providers, publishers, enterprises and end users themselves. They bring the unique background as both global academic researchers and real-market mobile marketing practitioners. Partnered with Waterfall’s executive team, which brings decades of combined experience in designing and delivering successful mobile campaigns and messaging services, the mobile marketing education and best practices program offered by Waterfall and mCordis is a priceless opportunity to learn from the best. The really cool thing about this program is that all it costs you is the time to participate. The real world price on this kind of strategic learning would make you blanche, so I encourage you to take advantage of this great resource. We have webinars and live events in SF, NYC and Chicago where you can meet the team personally. Learn more about our first event here. We look forward to meeting you.

You can read more about Waterfall’s partnership with mCordis in the press release.

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