Whatever term you hear nowadays, whether its “mocial” or the dreaded combination of “So + Mo + Lo” (in some order), people are trying to get at the same idea: social and mobile overlap, so, awesome.

But that’s exactly the issue with terms and buzzwords. Yeah, concepts are “awesome”, but how do you make them translate to more pressing matters like “profit” and “revenue?”

Well, with respect to social and mobile, some interesting stats came out today that I think point marketers and technology providers in the right direction.

Crazy right? Social media access from a computer declined 3% in the last year, versus a 9% increase for mobile and 13% increase for tablets (also mobile). What’s more, the folks behind the survey stated, “What we’re realizing—along with our clients—is that the most engaged folks on social networks are people who are accessing via mobile.”

So, consider the current state of affairs: we have more and more people choosing to access social networks via mobile. Those mobile users are more engaged than others, and that engagement only continues to increase (with 60% of mobile users accessing their social networks daily – up 6% since July 2011). Plus, think of the nature of social networks today: we have people posting status updates, pictures and insights of their daily (excuse the cliche) hustle and bustle. They’re not posting eloquent musings better suited for a desktop environment. In my mind, it all boils down to one conclusion:

Social is mobile. 

Everyone posturing that they need a social media strategy before mobile is riding a short term wave. Those that want to remain relevant for the long term should realize that success and experience in mobile will equate to success in social, since mobile is exactly where social is headed.

As for how to monetize mobile, we’ve talked about it before. To summarize: building a mobile subscriber database is the one proprietary (don’t forget that social subscribers are owned by someone else) and strategic asset that will allow brands and companies to remain relevant as mobile evolves.

At least that’s my opinion. What’s yours? Please let us know by posting to the comments.

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