I trust you caught our latest press release and announcement, “Waterfall Releases Cross-Channel Messaging Platform to Help Enterprise Marketers Transform Campaigns Into Conversations.” If not, check it out, as we’ve got some exciting projects happening now and planned for the future. For our longtime MobileDemystified readers, though, I wanted to provide a bit more of the story behind the story…

Waterfall started in 2005 when we decided that mobile messaging was something that every brand would eventually incorporate into their marketing mix (you can view our full company timeline @ http://www.waterfall.com/company). Looking back, we were pretty early to market…at that time social media didn’t exist, Blackberry owned the corporate mobile market and the only non-P2P mobile messaging deployments were latenight ringtone program ads and American Idol voting. We nonetheless charged forward, banking on instincts from our E*TRADE roots that told us mobile messaging was an inefficient ecosystem that we could open up to all brands and agencies with an easy-to-use SaaS platform. After locking and loading an amazing team, we launched the first version of the Waterfall Platform in a few months and were off the races. After SMS in 2005, we added IVR in 2007 and Twitter and Facebook in 2008. We were determined to help marketers communicate over multiple channels long before “cross-channel” and “omni-channel” became high-profile buzzwords in the press.

As brands and agencies continued to sign on, we were excited to see our prediction become reality, as more and more emerging media budget seemed to be allocated toward mobile and social each year. Due to client inquiries, we investigated mobile web and apps, ultimately deciding that there didn’t seem to be a technology solution we could bring to market to compete with the hundreds of web and app shops, as well the in-house teams those platforms evolved. We knew that our true core competence was helping marketers build and engage a database of mobile customers to maximize mobile marketing ROI. Though there were plenty of solutions to help create a list and blast a message, we excelled at ideating and executing intricate campaigns and interactive dialogues. As a provider focused on technology, we reveled in designing intricate session management logic for HIGH volume clients (which, since inception, has never been for the faint of heart). Packaging those campaign tools alongside actionable reporting and analytics – unheard of in our space – in an easy-to-use UI distinguished version two of our platform as demonstrative of forward-looking thought leaders.

Two years ago, we again came to a crossroads. SaaS software had become clunky and slow. New technologies opened the door for web software to look, feel and react like a native desktop application. So we took a giant leap of faith – setting out to redesign the entire platform from the ground up. Dubbed “Three,” the third generation of our core solution set, we envisioned a channel agnostic, aggregator agnostic and country agnostic platform with customer data at the center of the universe – firmly establishing Waterfall as a force in not just mobile and social, but also SaaS and personalization. Therein was the opportunity, building unparalleled tools and crafting marketing and positioning that made sure our clients focused on deepening customer relationships over time to create long-term, permanent value.

Personalized Engagement became our rally cry. We told clients, and built them tools, to forget channels and create relevant, interactive dialogues by sending a compelling message, at the opportune time, in the correct format, to a precise target in order to incite action. We continuously honed Three, focusing on our proprietary framework for personalized engagement that not only showed clients how to create effective campaigns, but also served as our product team’s guide to prioritize new features and ensure a complete solution for today’s enterprise marketing challenges.

Today, we’re ecstatic to announce that the future for enterprise mobile marketing is here. We’ve just finished converting all of our existing clients and are now deploying all new clients on the latest version of the Waterfall Platform.  And that’s why we’re telling the world now about what’s happening here @Waterfall. We can’t wait to hear what you think and look forward to serving your messaging – personalized engagement – needs for years to come.

You can read the full release @ Waterfall Releases Cross-Channel Messaging Platform to Help Enterprise Marketers Transform Campaigns Into Conversations

And remember… Don’t Just Message, Have a Conversation!

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