Mobile Building Blocks 101

Explore endless ways to enhance your campaign effectiveness

HTML Widgets

——— convert web visitors, customize targeting, place anywhere ———

Marketing success comes down to conversion. That’s why subscription widgets come in handy.

Deployed with elegant code

CSS/HTML/Javascript widgets work with any online entity, including web pages, emails, flash banner ads, social media and mobile sites. Best of all – no development experience required.

Subscriber lookup & confirm

AJAX in-page responses let registrants know if they have already subscribed or entered an error.

Customize branding

Create a look and feel to match brand or business identity with the call to action.

Collect pertinent segmentation data

Define the metadata fields most important — and relevant — for your business, thereby transforming a database into a compelling content machine.

Deliver targeted messages based upon response

The data customers enter at sign up instantly and automatically becomes filtering criteria for future outreach.

Connect across channels.

Drive opt-ins for SMS, passbook, voice, email and/or social.

QR Codes

——— increase engagement, track and utilize data, maximize ROI ———

Standard QR codes work great. They’re eye catching and connect scanning customers to a website without a single keystroke. But what if you could create more engaging campaign flows that also engaged non barcode-savvy smartphone users? It's all possible with integrated QR codes:


  • Customizable code design and branding
  • Data sync to CRM or subscriber database
  • Data extraction and device detection for web operations
  • Integrated equivalent SMS or voice call-to-action
  • Carrier and CTIA compliant

Scan functionality options:

  • Phone: Scan-to-call, send an SMS, deliver a coupon
  • Web: Scan-to-URL, app download, map destination
  • Social: Scan-to-like on Facebook, follow on Twitter
  • Viral: Scan-to-insert code into Facebook status feed
  • Incentives: Scan-to-enter sweepstakes or contest

Don’t settle for a standard QR Code.

Augment the reach and functionality of a QR Code campaign with personalized engagement.

Interactive Voice Response

——— voice activated, cross-channel mobile marketing ———

Plug into IVR and integrate voice into a cross-channel mobile strategy.
Give it a try: call (800) 816-5007 to hear an example call flow.

Functionality presented in the demo:


Trigger SMS, voice or hybrid text/voice mobile alerts. Use alerts to maximize customer lifetime value by personally engaging subscribers with ongoing, interactive campaigns.

Voice Messaging

Enables the capture of user feedback and responses. IVR can publish these responses to a website and proliferate user-generated content.


Provides the option for customers to forward voice or text messages to their friends, augmenting promotions with a viral component.


Gather valuable customer feedback and benefit from real-time insight into net promoter score, product ideas, segmentation criteria – anything.

Take advantage of these features:
  • VIP-enabled lists
  • Masked IVR numbers
  • Detect phone line type
  • Toll-free calling
  • One-click list building via HTML
And an extensive array of functionality enhancements:
  • Integrate across channels
  • Launch dual-direction voice and text campaigns
  • Directly integrate into CRM
  • Designate call flow depending on user type


——— engage with incentives, see subscriber lists soar ———

Customers love a giveaway.
Easily and effectively generate engagement and enthusiastic brand loyalty.

Mobile sweepstakes best practices

  • Schedule flight dates and customize pre, during and post-sweeps messaging
  • Select # of entries, toggle duplicate entry on/off
  • Activate sign ups via mobile and online forms
  • Validate entries based on location to seamlessly accommodate state-specific laws and procedures

Mobile sweepstakes management

  • Select winners randomly, sequentially or pattern-based
  • Notify winners via SMS and/or email
  • De-dupe lists to track entrants into concurrent or ongoing sweepstakes campaigns
  • Integrate sweepstakes participants’ metadata into CRM to best understand customer engagement


——— build massive lists, incentivize and track referrals ———

Ignite mobile marketing by offering customers an opportunity to earn benefits for each person they refer. Track organic vs. referred customers and build an expansive database — instantly.

How it works:

1) Organic Growth

Customer sees a mobile call-to-action to text in to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes and receive ongoing, exclusive content from sponsoring brand.

2) Catalyzed Referrals

Customer receives a follow-up explaining how s/he can earn additional entries into the sweepstakes: by referring friends to text in to a unique code mapped to that customer’s mobile phone number.

3) Free Marketing

Customer, looking to earn the viral incentive, contacts friends via mobile and social channels – urging them to participate.

4) Referral Growth

Customers’ friends text in to obtain incentive and receive their own unique codes that they then promote to their friends.

5) Exponential Acquisition

Ideal tactic for launching a new mobile program or campaign, as the large subscriber base forms the perfect foundation for ongoing loyalty programs that result in long-term mobile success.

Brand new customers. Tons of them.

  • Provide customers with a simple and easy way to spread the word
  • Exponentially more subscribers and entrants into a mobile program
  • Immediate and interactive method to communicate ongoing offers
  • Detailed reporting listing all entrants and breaking down organic vs. referred customers
  • Perfect insight into those valuable customers who can advocate on behalf of the brand to drive referral business

Instant Win

——— captivated customers, enriched crm ———

Need to quickly acquire tons of customers?
How about adding and syncing these customers to a CRM for future targeting?
Look no further than Instant Win.

How it works:

1. Call-to-action Engages Consumer

Triggered through any (or all) of the following channels: QR code, web URL, SMS, Facebook, IVR and Passbook.

2. Instant Opt-in

Consumer joins list to receive future promotions. Brand has the option of requesting additional targeting criteria like zip code or birth date.

3. Price Delivery

Subscriber profile automatically updated with segmentation metadata. Specific prize awarded according to odds designated prior to the flight of the campaign.

4. Instant Win!

Customer receives notification of instant win award(s) and redemption instructions. For the brand, resulting customer satisfaction leads to increased loyalty and repeat purchases.

5. CRM

Brand now can communicate with customer database using a variety of mobile and social communication channels in order to maximize customer lifetime value.

For the brand:

  • Excellent tool for building or scaling a mobile database
  • Rich customer insights integrated into CRM system
  • Viral brand equity and goodwill

For the consumer:

  • Positive brand impression
  • Instant prize receipt with effortless redemption process
  • Fun and engaging shopping or commerce experience

Mobile Vouchers

——— brand insight and customer value done right ———

Powerful mobile couponing system for brands and retailers – enable instantaneous verification and processing at the point of sale.

Hassle-free setup

No hardware/software required as Mobile Vouchers already integrate into POS systems through Waterfall’s partnership with First Data.

Omnipresent analytics

Every step of the transaction tracked to minimize fraud risk and ensure precise ROI measurement.

Deliver any way you want

Activate Mobile Vouchers by any channel or campaign type, including SMS, 2D Codes, Passbook and social media.

Longterm benefits

Enhance ROI while building consumer trust and a mobile-couponing competitive advantage.

Mobile Coupons

——— captivated customers, driven to purchase ———

The means to personally engage an ever-growing sea of mobile customer and maximize redemption rates –
  not to mention engagement level and customer lifetime value.

How they work:

1) Customer Sees Incentive to Participate

Brands want customers. Customers love saving money. Highlight incentives, e.g. "30% off next purchase", to catapult participation and redemption rates.

2) Response To The Call-to-Action

By texting the marketed keyword to the short code (e.g. USAVE to 44144), customer instantly receives mobile coupon or voucher and opts in to a mobile subscriber list.

3) Mobile Coupon Types

Deploy static, dynamic or dynamic-integrated coupons according to budget and analytics needed.

4) Brand Engagement

Consumer redeems coupon according to included instructions, improving brand equity and customer experience.

5) Established Relationship

Brand remains in touch with consumer using variety of mobile and social communication channels in order to maximize customer lifetime value.

For the brand:

  • Promotes awareness and interaction with brand by offering purchase incentives
  • Excellent tool for building or scaling a mobile database
  • Save $$$ by not having to print coupons or send via traditional methods

For the customer:

  • Raised level of brand appreciation as a result of money and time savings
  • Instant gratification with mobile coupons delivered in real-time
  • Desire to continue receiving no-hassle promotions

Web Tracker

——— custom-fit web links with enhanced CRM ———

Sending traffic to a website via SMS?
What if a CRM could differentiate those who viewed the website from those who didn’t?
How about automatically triggering unique message flows depending on who actually viewed?
It’s all possible with Web Tracker.


1) Campaign Creator

Insert into a new or any existing mobile campaign that drives traffic to the web.

2) Personalized URLs

Instead of one standard web link sent to all, campaign participants receive a unique-to-them URL.

3) Click-through Tracking

Customer profiles updated instantly according to whether or not they access the web via their personalized URL.

4) Triggered Actions

Deliver distinct message flows to campaign members depending on their website visits – or lack thereof.

5) Enhanced Reporting

Analyze date, time and place of click-throughs across all subscribers to gain maximum insight into SMS campaign ROI.

Harness the power of enhanced database management and visibility:

  • Deliver custom message flows depending on consumers’ actions
  • Enrich subscriber database with meaningful metadata
  • Better understand how to target mobile messaging going forward

Mobile Lead Generation

——— capture customers at the point of inspiration, sync to CRM ———

The goal of offline marketing is turning eyes and ears into actual customers. Achieve this goal by transforming traditional lead generation in to a seamless, mobile process.

How it works:

1) Call to Action

Announce an opportunity for consumers to receive localized mobile offers. Promote via offline and online channels, including web, radio and/or print.

2) Subscribe

Customers reply to a prompt with their zip code, thereby opting in to a mobile subscriber database — an ideal resource for distributing timely notifications.

3) Sales Offer

After subscribing, captured leads receive a message offering a personalized sales call that they can request on demand.

4) Data Sync

Customer information instantly synced to a database and/or CRM. Sales team divvies up leads manually or via automation.

5) Customer Lifetime Value

Going forward, brand can monetize customer relationship across channels, using the zip code and name fields to personalize messaging.

For the brand:
  • Instantly captured leads, synced to a CRM system
For the consumer:
  • Localized, targeted offers and option to connect with a brand
For both:
  • No hassle, personalized engagement

Group Sale

——— teaming up to reach common goals ———

Implemented in-store, online or both, retailers simply promote a mobile call-to-action geared toward price sensitive consumers. Customers work together to reach requisite participant goal and obtain sale price.

How it works

  • Retailer (see example “Stoe’s Boards”) needs to move inventory from the previous season to make room for a new shipment.
  • Launches 30% off Group Sale with a participant goal of 100, knowing at minimum 50 boards need to sell. Flight date of the campaign set at 3 days.
  • To promote, retailer blasts messages to their Twitter, Email and Facebook lists instructing, “Text BOARDSALE to 44144 to participate in our group sale and receive 30% off!”
  • Group sale also promoted in-store and online.
  • Customer needs a new board and hears about the sale. S/he texts BOARDSALE to 44144.
  • Customer receives a confirmation message outlining the number of participants.
  • Customer immediately tells friends who might be interested to text BOARDSALE to 44144.
  • Once participant threshold met, all customers receive a “goal achieved” message informing them that they can redeem the purchase in store.

Social commerce in action:

  • Retailers ensure promotions remain profitable by setting opt-in thresholds
  • Participants incentivized to drive referral business
  • Inventory moves quickly with limited marketing spend
  • Casual participants captured for ongoing loyalty campaigns

Building blocks are just the beginning.