Why Wallet. Why Waterfall.

Todays mobile wallets go beyond just payments: they are rich marketing platforms, providing reach and opportunity for marketers to better establish their brand promise through offerings, loyalty, coupons and product information.

You already reward your consumers with valuable benefits, delivered by direct mail, email, SMS/MMS or app push channels. Now it’s time to consolidate – allow consumers to store digital versions of these assets on their mobile phones inside Apple Wallet or Android Pay.

By building engaging campaigns with content that lives within native wallet apps, passes serve as a communication channel that brands may otherwise not have access to. Update pass content whenever you’d like, delighting customers and keeping marketing pain-free.

Mobile wallets are ubiquitous

Preinstalled on all iOS and Android devices, wallets are already used by a majority of consumers. While consumers are increasingly adopting the payment features, marketers are discovering that wallet passes are a powerful new form of content: persistent, device-native, remotely addressable, and location aware.

Consumer Benefits

Convenience – get all offers and loyalty info in one place, eliminate the friction of multiple inboxes, paper coupons, and plastic cards.

Trust – wallets are backed by Apple and Google, with payment-grade security features. No spam, no fraud, no phishing.

Delight – keep offers fresh and relevant with dynamic, personalized content, and with the convenience and wow factor of a modern solution.

Consistent omnichannel experience – the offers, language and imagery from other channels all come together in one persistent place.

Ease – no app to download, no clutter. just one click to add pass to wallet. keep all brands’ passes in one place.

Marketer Benefits

Increased conversion  – make life easier for your most valuable customers by minimizing friction at the point of purchase and eliminating offer breakage and waste.

Persistence – Secure a long term spot right in high-traffic mobile real estate. 85% of consumers don’t delete wallet items once added – almost the inverse of app deletion rates!

Image – Reinforce brand identity with 100% creative control and rich media.

Dynamic – Push content refresh in the background, track usage and redemption, even access geofences.

Measurable – track addition, views, interactions, redemptions and more.

Features of Waterfall Wallet

Our Mobile Wallet solution allows you to create, distribute and manage all types of non-payment wallet content: loyalty cards, coupons, promotions, and more.

Create beautiful, on-brand passes in minutes

Reinforce your brand and customize your design with beautiful colors, images and dynamic text. Our visual Pass Designer walks you through everything without needing to know a stitch of code. Set up location and time triggers and automate the delivery of new content to create a unique customer journey every step of the way.

Deliver passes through existing channels

Easily send passes to customers by leveraging existing channels, such as SMS/MMS, push, email, social and more. With clickthrough monitoring and pass installation metrics, you’ll know who added the passes and from what channel so that you can retarget non-pass holders with more appropriate messaging for additional acquisition.

Already run text campaigns? SMS to Web to Wallet. Presto.

Location: at the right moment, the right content

With location and proximity based technology, deliver timely and relevant notifications when it matters most. Increase your brand’s relevance by sending content that fits your customers’ behaviors and needs, without upsetting the balance of their lives.

Measure, learn and optimize

Monitor campaign performance with rich analytics and data, such as add-to-wallet ratio, conversion, redemption and deletion percentages. Tag any event and quickly connect with specific customer segmentations – gaining deeper insight into individual actions, events and behavior.

100 – 1000 – or even a cool million

Let us do the heavy lifting. Proven, enterprise grade infrastructure and mature technology that supports the largest databases and campaigns. Produce and deliver personalized passes at scale, using our web platform or through API, and then send lock-screen messages to notify your customers of relevant updates or new offers.

Everything in one place

Extend the reach, persistence and conversions of your existing Waterfall mobile marketing strategy: one calendar across all your mobile channels, one coherent set of offers, targeted personalized content that your customers demand.