Personalized Engagement

a compelling message sent

... at the opportune time,

... in the correct     format,

... to a precise location,

... that incites  action

from the recipient.

The Waterfall Platform represents the evolution of mobile marketing and CRM. Using Waterfall’s software and services, companies create interactive relationships with their customers to maximize lifetime value.

Harness the power of the Waterfall Platform


——— For developers ———

A robust suite of online tools to mobile-enable web apps or software programs

API Documentation

Via Web App

——— For brand and agency managers ———

An intuitive self-service interface to design and launch powerful mobile campaigns

Via Managed Service

——— Lean on our mobile experts ———

Let Waterfall's experienced Client Services team handle everything

Services Summary

We build the best, on top of the best.

Enterprise architecture

A full JavaEE software stack, our platform contains robust business logic specializing in personalized messaging to the masses. It is easily and seamlessly extensible to integrate with any vertical or legacy technology through a rich RESTful API set. And it supports modular inclusion of the latest communication channels, keeping up with our fast-paced industry and ensuring that we always communicate with people in the manner in which they prefer.

Maximum power

Leveraging an asynchronous web server, our platform is able to support tens of thousands of simultaneous, persistent connections, allowing the platform to deliver content as — and when — updates and actions take place.

Innovation defined

Our platform uses cutting edge frameworks and technologies like OSGi, MongoDB, and Cloudhopper. Our web applications draw upon leading web frameworks including Bootstrap, Knockout, and jQuery. Not to mention the latest and greatest technology makes for happy engineers too.

Blinding speed

We build single-page javascript web applications that update in real-time. Everything looks and feels like a native application while providing all the benefits of web connectivity.


Core capabilities and differentiators

——— building blocks for personalized engagement ———

Subscriber Management & CRM

Maximize segmentation and targeting to produce compelling dialogues.

Reporting & Analytics

Your campaigns, your data, your metrics — accessible anytime, anywhere.

The Stream

Unlock customer insight with asynchronous 1-to-1 connectivity and real-time visualization of traffic and trends.

Roles & Permissions

Multiple user and tenancy controls allow for seamless campaign collaboration across groups.

Since 2005, seven principles have shaped every product, feature and new innovation we've created:

Database marketing design enables seamless cross-channel interactivity
CRM Architecture
Superior segmentation and targeting suite powers the exchange of relevant communication
1-to-1 Relationships
Effortless user interface and enhanced deployment infrastructure maximizes speed to market
Nimble Adaptability
Flexible, powerful API fosters market-changing innovation
Developer Intuitive
Modular application framework allows for integration with changing market dynamics and client needs
Trend Agnostic
Customizable reports provide thoughtful analysis of the complete suite of success metrics
Campaign throughput adjusts to real-time system demands for maximum efficiency
Tailored Scalability